Welcome to my blog.

I am a library officer at the library of the University of Technology in Sydney Australia. This  blog will be a collection of my random thoughts and observations on many topics

My examination of my digital footprint

In the step three of Edinburgh University  23 digital things I read the article on Digital footprints.  The  exercise  required me to search for my name in Good and to examine the results. I share the similar name with the deceased Hollywood TV actor Michael Landon. His surname was without a G after Lan/. Google found many postings for him.

What was interesting was how Google found my Social profile on Facebook, it also listed a happy birthday posting I had sent today to a friend, this was at the top of my Facebook page. I was unaware that the setting on my Facebook profile were so public and allowed what I had written to be publicly seen. I need to learn how to edit my Facebook  privacy settings.

The other Google search results retrieved website profile of other people with my same name of for Michael Langdon. These include LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts and other Facebook profiles in the name of Michael langdon. There were for other men with the same name as mine. I did also se my UTS library profile and photo in the google list. It was a learning experience have search my name in Google.